Accommodation & Information


  • Accommodation is always in the one beautiful space. There are no separate rooms.
  • There is one double futon bed in the space, and up to three single futon beds.
  • If you come by yourself or as a couple, the space is very private.
  • If you come with two or three friends to do a meditation retreat, it is like a dormitory, you will all be sleeping on single futons in the shared space.
  • All bedding/doonas/sheets/towels etc are supplied.
  • Sessions/retreats/meditation are all conducted in the studio space, where you also sleep/stay during your time here, unless you come for a couple's retreat, and need separate private sessions, which can then happen in the nearby cottage.

Cooking Facilities

  • Cooking facilities are simple and basic. There is a kitchen bench and sink, with cupboard space, a small bar fridge, two hot plates, a sandwich toaster and toaster, and all pots, pans, crockery, cutlery etc.
  • You may want to purchase a basket of fresh organic fruit and vegetables from the garden.


Heating is from the wood fire, or if necessary, an electric oil heater.


  • Water is rain water. Only cold water comes through the kitchen tap. To wash dishes in hot water, simply boil the kettle.


  • At Lucent Earth we have a simple wooden framed bucket compost toilet at the end of the garden, fully enclosed in a rustic timber structure.
  • You have to walk to the end of the garden (about 30 metres) to get to it, even if it is dark, or raining. If it is dark, you will need a torch (provided in the studio), because it has no lighting.
  • There is herbal hand sanitiser in the toilet room, but if you want to wash your hands with soap and water you will have to walk to the other end of the garden and use the hand basin in the wash room where the shower is located.

A bit more about the compost toilet, in case you want to know the details of how to use it;

  • You simply use the toilet and then throw a handful of mulch or sawdust on top.
  • Nearby are convenient trees which are also available for use to relieve the call of nature. Taking a wee on a tree keeps the compost toilet buckets lighter and less full, and also helps the garden grow.
  • When the buckets are full, their contents are fully composted for a year in closed compost bins before becoming garden mulch for the bigger trees.
  • Please consider if you like this idea, BEFORE you book.


  • At Lucent Earth the shower is very simple and rustic. It is in a separate, quaint, permaculture-looking bathroom about 15 metres from the studio. It has a small 25L hot water system, which lasts for approximately 7-8 minutes. It then takes approximately 30 mins for the water to heat, for the next person to have a shower.


Please consider if you find this appealing or not, BEFORE you book.






Everyone has different likes and dislikes. Things that to me are earth-honouring and beautiful in their simplicity, might just be unnacceptable for you, which is OK. When you are considering staying somewhere, things like proximity to other people, houses and nature are good to know about, so you know whether it will be what you want or not.

I have tried to make a clear list here of things you might not like.

If you read this before booking, you will know whether to go ahead with your booking or not!

  • The toilet is a simple wooden framed bucket composting toilet. It is very eco and earth-honouring, but you might not like it.
  • The compost toilet is at the end of the garden. It is about 30 metres from the studio. If it is raining, you have to run or walk through the rain to get to it.
  • The compost toilet has no light. In the night, you need to take a torch with you.
  • The hand basin is not next to the toilet. There is herbal hand sanitiser in the compost toilet, but if you want to wash your hands with water, you have to walk to the shower/bathroom.
  • The shower has hot water that lasts for 7-8 minutes, then it needs to reheat for about 30 minutes (25L) if a second person wants to have a shower.
  • The shower is not in the studio space, it is in a separate little quaint bathroom building about 15 metres from the studio. So, if it is raining, dark or cold when you take a shower, you will have to walk through the rain/dark/cold to get to the shower and back. 
  • The beautiful studio building is very close to the little shed/studio/cottage where two people live. Your faciliator Nullani and her partner. There is at least 15 metres of separation between the two buildings. The studio is still very private when you are inside, but it is physically not very far away from the cottage dwelling. The cottage is, however, somewhat sound proofed.
  • The wash room, compost toilet and the garden areas are shared with the other two people living on the property (myself and my partner).
  • The location is a small and very quiet rural suburb/township/fishing village. About 5 minutes walk away, at the end of the street, there are beautiful wild mangroves and lovely views to Wilsons Prom, but the small rural suburb itself has streets and houses and is not in nature. You have to walk 5 minutes to get to the beautifu natural areas.
  • When it is very rainy, the paths to the studio can get wet.
  • Inside the studio, there is one water tap for the kitchen bench/sink. It only has cold rainwater coming through it. If you want to wash your dishes in hot water, you will need to boil the kettle.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Port Franklin, VIC

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