Private Relationship Healing Retreats



If you are committed to deepening your relationship, come to a full weekend  retreat with your partner for a special price of $800







These retreats are for healing any deep relationship, it could be partners in a romantic relationship, a parent and child, two siblings, or two close friends.

These retreats are about deep embodied healing. We will go much deeper than simply talking. Conscious relationship requires that we try to connect and express with our hearts and bodies and deeply feel and communicate, move and be seen in, our own fear, anger, grief, joy and love.

In guiding these sessions I am most influenced by the beautiful framework of Imago Therapy, the work of Harville Hendrix. In this deeply potent healing paradigm, the wounds in relationships are seen as deeply interlocking keys which can become a sacred pattern for healing each other and meeting each other's unmet needs from childhood. The central and sacred idea is that; as one partner stretches past their own defenses to meet the needs of the other, their own wounds will be healed at the same time. It is a paradigm of conscious relationship that can unlock exquisite care, tenderness, beauty, and transformation as well as healing seemingly unsolvable problems.

The other paradigm I am most influenced by in working with relationships, is Byron Katie's model and process of inquiry. This is a tool that deals extremely directly with the most obvious problem in relationships – people projecting their past wounded emotion(s) and history onto their present interactions with their partner. Byron Katie's inquiry process raises this dynamic to the light of consciousness and reverses it, in a way that is unparalleled in its efficiency and penetration. In one session, it is possible to move from a deeply rigid perception of another person, to a penetrating understanding of where that perception and emotion stem from, a deep undoing of the judgement or belief and a penetrating appreciation of how the opposite of the judgement could be deeply the truth. This process is fundamental to true accountability in a relationship and can bring quick and radical shifts.

Coming to one of these retreats offers a deep way to bring healing to an important relationship.

In the initial session we find out what you both want from the retreat, what you struggle with the most, what you most want healed, and what you truly long for in your relationship. Then each session will be directed towards bringing help and support to renew and heal your connection.

Sessions can include: deep inquiry processes to deal with projected emotions and unconscious judgements, fears and defenses, breathwork/catharsis/emotional release work to let go of the huge voltages of emotion stored in the body, healing patterns around sexuality, conscious movement practices, conscious communication practices, conscious connecting practices, discussion of relationship dynamics and structures, inner child work, inner child drawing, anger work (bringing conscious anger into the sacred centre of the relationship where it can heal and tranform), meditation, ritual and story.

Some sessions will be together and some will be individual, as we work on underlying issues for each person that are the actual cause of difficulty and pain in the relationship.

Almost always, you will learn deep listening and communication practices to completely change the way you communicate. You will learn to truly hear, be with, understand, and empathise with the person you love, even in areas that usually bring up fear, anger, reactivity, hostility and judgement.


Cost Breakdown


The cost for a retreat is made up of the cost of accommodation per night, plus the cost of the facilitated healing sessions, which are charged on an hourly basis, dependent on income. These retreats are flexible and can be structured however you need them to be, and the structure can evolve during your time here, based on what is needed and what you are experiencing.

Alternatively you can book in for a retreat model that I have priced and stuctured and which usually works well for most people.

Structured retreat prices are given below. If you want to book in for a standard retreat, costs of sessions and accommodation are also given, so you can structure your own retreat if you wish to.

To qualify for the concession rate you need to hold a valid low income concession card or be experiencing serious hardship.



  • $140 per night (entire cost for two people to stay in the studio, choice of single futons or a double futon).


Sessions are charged on a sliding scale relative to income.

  • Higher income $100 per hour
  • Middle income $80 per hour
  • Concession $60 per hour

Initial Session

All retreats need an initial session upon arrival to discuss what is most needed and wanted, and to understand the stories, contexts and histories of both people.

Initial session - 1 ½ hours.

  • Higher/Middle income $100
  • Concession $90



Weekend (2 day) Healing Relationship Retreat – structured for you


Structure of the weekend (2 day relationship) retreat;

  • Arrive Friday afternoon or evening and settle in.
  • Have initial 1 ½ hour session with me on the Friday afternoon or evening, where we find out what you want for the retreat and the best way to provide it.

On the Saturday and Sunday, the program is the same;

  • Begin with a one hour silent meditation together at around 9 am. (complimentary and optional).
  • Then have the first two hour healing/counselling session straight after this, finishing at 11am.
  • Break for lunch. Then have the second two hour healing/counselling session at around 1pm, finishing at 3pm.
  • Have a break, and then have the third and final two hour healing/counselling session at around 5pm or later, after dinner, at around 7 pm.

The sessions will be a mixture of working with you together as a couple, and working with the partners individually on issues that affect the relationship.



  • 2 nights accommodation @ $140 per night = $280

One Initial Session:

  • Higher/Middle income - $100
  • Concession - $90

Three two hour healing sessions per day;

  • Higher income - $600
  • Middle income - $480
  • Concession - $360


Total Cost for the 2 Day Healing Relationship Retreat:

  • Higher income - $1580
  • Middle income - $1340
  • Concession - $1090

A three day relationship retreat would cost:

  • Higher income - $2320
  • Middle income - $1960
  • Concession Income - $1590


A four day relationship retreat would cost:

  • Higher income - $3060
  • Middle income - $2580
  • Concession Income - $2090


If you wish to extend your retreat, simply add an extra day of the same program, or however many days you wish. 
An extra day consists of one nights accommodation ($140) plus three two hour healing sessions;

  • Higher income - $600
  • Middle income - $480
  • Concession - $360

So, the total cost of an additional day of retreat is:

  • Higher income - $740
  • Middle income - $620
  • Concession Income - $500

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