Individual Healing Retreats

Individual retreats are a perfect way to enter very deeply into your own healing, in a tenderly held sacred space, away from all the normal demands of life.

People come for individual healing retreats to receive holding and transforming when they are dealing with all the different ways that trauma manifests – anxiety, depression, addiction, dissociation, projection, feeling worthless, grief, anger, meaninglessness, despair, numbness, pain in relationship, dysfuntion in a relationship, and all the wounding that comes from childhood abuse, neglect or missatunement.

In an individual retreat, we begin with an initial session, where I learn what you want and need from the retreat, and what issues and difficulties you want to work with. From there, we decide on what the first session will be, and begin to get an idea of how your retreat might look.

Processes we might do together include - breathwork/catharis/emotional relaease work, deep inquiry into belief patterns/judgements/feelings, finding where the past is controlling the present, inner child work and drawing, hearing, feeling and understanding the inner child, meditation, reiki, reiki massage, shamanic drumming, conscious movement, ceremony, story, deep listening, deep reflection, prayer and meditation .

Structure of Retreats

These retreats are flexible and can be structured however you need them to be. You can do a lot of sessions, or just a few., and the structure can evolve during your time here, based on what's needed and what you are experiencing. However, there is a minimum commitment of one session per day.

Alternatively you can book in for a retreat package that I have priced and stuctured, and which usually works well for most people.

Structured retreat package prices are given below, and costs of sessions and accommodation are also given, so you can structure your own retreat if you wish to.


The cost for a retreat is made up of:


1. The cost of accommodation per night


2. The cost of the initial session


3. The cost of the facilitated healing sessions
(The healing sessions are charged on an hourly basis, dependent on income.)




  • $140 per night (entire cost for two people to stay in the studio, choice of single futons or a double futon).

Initial Session

All retreats need an initial session upon arrival to discuss what is most needed and wanted, and to understand the stories, contexts and histories of both people.

Initial session - 1 ½ hours:

  • Higher and middle income $100
  • Concession $90


Sessions are charged on a sliding scale relative to income. To qualify for the concession rate you need to hold a valid low income concession card or be experiencing serious hardship.

  • Higher income $100 per hour
  • Middle income $80 per hour
  • Concession $60 per hour

The very engaged medtiation/reflection session that is often done in the morning is a different price to the other sessions.

1 ½ hours of this session is:

  • Higher income - $100
  • Middle income - $80
  • Concession - $60


Weekend (2 day ) Healing Retreat

The weekend healing retreat is designed to give you a session of meditation, deep transformative inner work, and soothing relaxation each day.

  • Meditation
  • Transformation
  • Rest /Integration

Initial session

For this retreat you would arrive in the afternoon or evening on the Friday (or whichever night you were beginning) and settle in to the space. Then we would have your initial session, where I find out what you want and need from the retreat and what you would like to work with.


On Saturday morning we would begin with an hour and a half session of still meditation, conscious movement, or a dynamic meditation to bring you into your body and your own awareness.


After a break, we would do a two hour transformation session, actively working on an issue in your life that you want help with.

Rest & Integration

In the afternoon we would conclude with a session of relaxation if you need rest and integration after you morning's session. This would be in the form of an hour and a half of reiki or light reiki massage in a lomilomi influenced style, and half an hour of checking in and verbally processing yor experience, OR a bit more transformation.

If what you needed in the afternoon, however, was more inner work, we would do a two hour session of whatever tranformative approach seemed most useful, instead of the relaxation session.



Two nights of accommodation ($140 per night x2 is $280)
+ initial session ($100 higher/middle or $90 concession)
+ 4 hours of tranformation/relaxation healing ( $400 higher or $320 middle or $240 concession) each day, for two days
+ 1 ½ hours of meditation and checking in ($100 higher $80 middle $60 concession) on each day of two days.

Total cost of two day healing retreat:

  • Higher income - $1380
  • Middle income - $1180
  • Concession - $970


A three day healing retreat would cost:

  • Higher income - $2020
  • Middle income - $ 1720
  • Concession - $ 1410


A five day healing retreat would cost:

  • Higher income- $3300
  • Middle income - $ 2800
  • Concession - $ 1850


To extend your retreat, just add an additional day, which includes a night of accommodation and the three healing sessions.
The cost of an additional day is:

  • Higher income - $640
  • Middle income - $540
  • Concession - $440