"Attending a seven day one-on-one personal retreat with Nullani was a rare opportunity to be held in a potent healing space. I was in an intense time of transition and Nullani worked with great clarity and compassion to allow the unconscious to arise and be given voice in great safety, whilst working to ultimately bring the experiences and beliefs to the light of truth. 

As a long time facilitator myself, I’ve rarely met someone with Nullani’s grounding in spirituality combined with her deeply human and genuine compassion; it makes for an extremely safe space in which to be held— a priceless gift as we heal.

Nullani is a skilled and accomplished facilitator and I would highly recommend working with her even if you’re not sure why you feel called to do so or if perhaps you’re new to healing or looking within. Trust your intuition; you’ll be nurtured and held graciously in her finely tuned loving sensitivity."

Melanie Doyle, 52, Heart Dance Healing Facilitator, Yoga Teacher

"In my sessions with Nullani over the past 18 months she has helped me to break through some very painful illusions that I had about my daughter, and allowed me to have a loving relationship with her that i thought was impossible. Before the sessions, I had strong negative beliefs and fears about my daughter, which actually came from past abuse in other relationships. Through a deep inquiry practice, that involves releasing all the pain from the original trauma, I was able to see that my daughter was perfectly innocent and that I was hurting her deeply by not seeing her as she really was. This process helped me let go of my fear and see the truth about my daughter at last. It also helped me to heal the pain of the wounded child in me, who had experienced so much violence and fear and had every reason to mistrust. Part of the inquiry process was turning around my judgements about my daughter, so I could see that she was actually safe for me to be in relationship with, rather than dangerous. The night after my first inquiry session with Nullani I had a dream that the earth had shifted its axis and that gravity was now flowing in the opposite direction. To me it was very obvious what this meant - that now, instead of all the fear, I could see my daughter with pure love."

Sue Curtis, 54, Mid-Wife, Ceremonial Facilitator

I recently attended an all day healing ceremony that Nullani facilitated for myself and five other women. The theme was the weave of connection and how it is torn apart, and how it can be woven together again. It was such a deeply beautiful experience for me of finally feeling totally seen and held and met in a way that I had never experienced or imagined before. The ceremony that Nullani created brought out such a quality of love and intimacy and witnessing between the women who participated in it together. I have never felt that quality of true tender meeting of myself in all my vulnerability before, by all the women, most of whom I had never met before. At the end of the ceremony there was a gentle, surrounding touch component where I felt bathed in the blissful kindness of connection. I had not felt this way before.


Julia, 51, yoga teacher, cermonialist

"I recently had the pleasure and privilege of attending a retreat with Nullani in her stunning earth bag round studio surrounded by her productive permaculture garden. Starting with an allegorical story written by herself which unlocked strong memories that needed processing, sharing, healing and putting to bed, and cathartic, gentle, sensitive and kind processes which truly nurtured the wounded child in me. I cannot recommend her work highly enough. She is a beautiful soul who can help you with the deepest tears in the fabric of your soul and weave you back together."

Dickinson, 65, Retired Nurse, Singing Teacher

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